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Orgil Greenhouses LTD. Is an Israeli company based in Israel and is recognized as one of the worlds leading manufacturers and developers of complete greenhouse Projects. Orgil is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of Greenhouse projects around the world. Orgil’s roots were established 40 years ago in central Israel as one of the country’s original greenhouse manufacturers. Israel is a small country with limited agriculturally-productive land, limited water resources; yet Israel is universally admired as an agriculturally productive country and a net exporter of agricultural crops. This has been achieved through the innovative development of greenhouses for the production of high-end horticulture and floriculture crops for both domestic consumption and export to European markets. By building low-cost greenhouses using galvanized steel frames, poly films, drip irrigation, shade nets, insect nets, and proper ventilation mechanisms, farmers are able to control the temperature, humidity, light…etc.